Welcome to the Project Treasure for The Michael Family Project. A Project Treasure is a keepsake box filled with notes from people who know and care about The Michael Family. We need your note because it is the personal messages that will make this a truly memorable gift. The more notes that are included, the more powerful this gift will be.

Here are the Details on the Project:

  • Project Organizer: JESSICA WEINLAND
  • Project Title: SGT JOSHUA MICHAEL
  • Recipient: The Michael Family Project
  • Project Deadline: Friday, 11/15/13
  • Occasion: Memorial
  • Project Summary: In loving memory of Sgt. Joshua Michael. The purpose of this box is to encourage the family in their times of sadness and loss. Please help them find encouragement and love through your kind words. Please write a note filled with memories, encouragement and prayers. There is a note helper at the top of the write a note page that will help you create your note as well.

To be included, please submit your note by Friday, 11/15/13. It should only take a few minutes of your time. Project Treasure has Sentence Starters, Quotes and Tips to help you write your note.

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